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Pinot Noir Chardonnay Sparkling

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Pinot Noir Chardonnay Sparkling

Adelaide Hills
2016 Release

Unsurprisingly Paul and Kathy Drogemuller have spent years working on this 2016 release of Paracombe Wines Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir Chardonnay sparkling wine. The result is a world-class sparkling wine celebrating an extraordinary blend of the old and new. Paul Drogemuller has been carefully cellaring vintage cuvées for 24 years in the Paracombe underground cellars. It is from these museum stocks that he has selectively drawn to give texture and complexity to this release.

Having selected tiny parcels of cool climate fruit from the family vineyard in the 2016 vintage, this fruit was gently de-stemmed and pressed to give a clean, delicate juice and then chilled. It was then fermented to dryness to give vibrancy and pure fresh character. This young vintage was then blended with older Paracombe Pinot Chardonnay sparkling vintages dating back to 1991.

Here is a sparkling wine of tremendous integrity and complexity; multifaceted, in the manner of all good sparkling wines, the wine has a lifted nose that gives fresh, alpine strawberries and the zing of just grated lemon. The palate offers fine bubble and lively citrus notes finishing with long and complex flavours that are honeyed cream and apple crumble with some subtle developed fermentation characteristics.

In choosing the crown closure, the Drogemullers have taken a leap similar to the adoption of Stevin closures. Tried and true the crown closure has been in use since the late 1800s and there is significant evidence it is the future of sparkling wines.

Delicious as an aperitif and perfect start, middle or end to any occasion.

A Very Limited Release Wine

Only 375 doz produced

12.5% Alc



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